Is Wallpaper considered to be old-fashiones?





Is wallpaper considered to be old-fashioned?

Luxury properties across the country embrace the colors and textures that wallpaper provides to expansive and creative spaces. When your clients are ready to transform their custom-house into the home of their dreams, introducing them to de Gournay will provide them with a new perspective of wallpaper. I have never fully appreciated wallpaper but I am very interested in it now…

What are the benefits of wallpaper?

– Elevate a space while also covering cracks and stains in plaster or drywall.

– Cover up uneven floors or ceilings as homes age and begin to settle.

– Create personality and reflect personal style with unique and custom prints.

Is wallpaper just a fad?

As experienced real estate agents, you have seen custom paint colors, wallpaper, faux wood panels, and much more – come and go! For generations, people were covering up their parent’s wallpaper with their own personal wallpaper selections.

Wallpaper provides clients with a way to reuse spaces for new purposes without the cost of labor and materials of rebuilding. This is especially true for your clients who are purchasing historic or older homes and wanting to bring back the feeling of years gone by. Wallpaper provides them with the opportunity to infuse walls with deep, rich colors and textures that match the era of their home.

Are professionals required to install Wallpaper?

Your more craft clients may be able to watch a Youtube video and begin installing their wallpaper selections on their own. Your clients with less time on their hands may want to consult with a local company that specializes in wallpaper for the type of wall surface they have and the average temperatures in their area.